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Taste the Difference with Ontario Garlic


Purple Stripe garlic is easily recognisable by its bold colouring. This beautifully striped hardneck species grows extremely well in cold climates and produces attractive bulbs that typically contain 8-12 cloves. Purple Stripe varieties are generally known for their depth of character and universal appeal.


Our Purple Stripe varieties: None at this time


Marbled Purple Stripe is another hardneck, scape-producing species. It isn't actually a subspecies of Purple Stripe, although does also produce stunning purple-tinted bulb wrappers. This lively garlic is consistent all around: in flavour, climate tolerance, bulb and clove sizes, and good storage life (6+ months). You can expect an average of 6-8 cloves per bulb. 

Our Marbled Purple Stripe varieties: Linda Olesky, Creme de la Rasa


Porcelain garlics are hardneck plants that will produce scapes and generally produce 4-7 easy-to-peel cloves in large, attractive bulbs. They're our most common type of garlic here on the farm and do well in cold climates. Porcelains tend to have good, strong garlic flavour. 

Porcelain varieties: Portugal Azores, Music


Rocambole is, hands down, the gourmand's garlic. They're a little tricky to grow, but successful efforts are rewarded with rich, complex flavours from cloves that can be so buttery you won't believe dairy hasn't magically been added. You can expect 8-12 cloves per bulb with double cloves being a common occurrence. Rocamboles are yet another hardneck, scape-producing species. This one doesn't do well sitting in wet soil, so well-draining soil is important if you're planting in a wet climate. 

Our Rocambole varieties: German Red


Artichokes garlic is a softneck species, so you won't find a scape on these plants. You can expect large, beautiful bulbs with delicate wrappers, layers of cloves around a central stem, and fairly complex but mild flavours. Consumers are familiar with this species as most commercially grown garlic is artichoke. 

Our Artichoke varieties: Formidable, Inchelium Red

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