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Inchelium Red

Inchelium Red

Inchelium Red

Softneck Artichoke 


Cloves: 10-15; larger outer cloves surround smaller inner cloves in an irregularly-shaped bulb

Bulbils per umbel: 3-5

Growing: Adaptable and vigorous; plant grows well in moderate climates; needs sunny, well-drained soil

Harvest: Early- to mid-season; look for yellowing of bottom leaves

Storage: Good for long storage if well-dried (air circulation with fan is important); softnecks make for easy braiding; expect up to 10 months

Flavour: Pleasantly mild and sweet but with a little punch of good heat; great for roastingor blending into mashed potatoes; considered to be a true "medium" garlic flavour 

  • Upon arrival

    In Septmeber once you receive your order, please open your box and check inside the bag to make sure that your garlic arrived in good condition. Store your garlic in a dark, well ventilated place until you are ready to eat or plant them. Do not place your garlic in the fridge as this will promote sprouting. Enjoy!

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