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Portugal Azores

Portugal Azores

Portugal Azores



Cloves: 4-6 large cloves

Bulbils per umbel: Tiny bulbils, numbering in the hundreds. Plant the largest 50% of them for best results. Harvest these when harvesting the bulbs.

Growing: Winter-hardy varietal ideal for colder climates

Harvest: Mid-season/early August

Storage: 6+ months

Flavour: Pungent, strong and rich; similar to Music

  • Upon arrival

    In Septembernce you receive your order, please open your box and check inside the bag to make sure that your garlic arrived in good condition. Store your garlic in a dark, well ventilated place until you are ready to eat or plant it. Do not place your garlic in the fridge as this will promote sprouting. Enjoy!

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